Equity Sin Fronteras

Our cohort spans an 8-week period, providing comprehensive tools to guide participants through their entrepreneurial journey.

Topics covered include:

  1. Understanding current workforce challenges in the Dallas, TX area

  2. Identifying their niche and concentration within the market

  3. Exploring business advantages and disadvantages

  4. Developing leadership and networking skills crucial for success

  5. Crafting effective business plans tailored to individual goals

  6. And much more, ensuring a well-rounded and practical approach to entrepreneurial development.

About the program

Estimate for support

1. Trainings/Workshops: $50 per person (includes class materials including customized handouts and support) - $400 for the entire 8 sessions

2. Consulting: Career/Business/Online Presence - $150 per session

3. Documentation Assistance - $200 per document, as needed (e.g., ID, Passport, etc.)

4. Texas Registration Fee - $300 per business

5. Network Brainstorm/Connection - $200 per session

6. Financial Upstart - $250 upon completion of the program

Support from local organizations

Offer the chance to gain hands-on experience in the business realm and cultivate essential skills. We always need space that is available for conducting workshops and culminating showcases at the end of each programming group. We're dedicated to supporting immigrant businesses and entrepreneurs, providing the necessary resources and environment for their success.

End result

A newly registered immigrant entrepreneur is actively exploring the economy, making a positive impact on their community, and demonstrating resourcefulness in connecting and expanding their network.

This organization really gave me all the tools I need to be in charge of my future and for that I’ll always be thankful.

― Cohort Participant