They tried to bury us, they did not know we were seeds.

Our team

Janet "Flaka" Martinez

Janet leads the initiatives that aid immigrants and underserved communities towards economic independence and professional success. With a Bachelor's in Business Administration and MBA focusing on HR Management from UNT Dallas, along with a certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Flaka brings a wealth of expertise to her role. As an entrepreneur in career and HR consulting, she embodies resilience and determination, having transitioned from being a DACA recipient in 2012 to achieving American citizenship in 2021. Flaka's dedication extends beyond her professional endeavors, as she actively volunteers with organizations like HWNT and St. Vincent de Paul, mentors within her sorority, Kappa Delta Chi, and is a pillar of support for her family, including her son CJ who is autistic.

Cofounder, Executive Director
Sandra Avalos
Cofounder, Director of Community Engagement

Sandra's dedication and passion for her community have led her to work tirelessly as an advocate for the residents of Oak Cliff and West Dallas, providing crucial support to parents and students throughout the DFW area. Sandra's academic achievements include earning a Bachelor of Science degree from UNT Dallas, a testament to her commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. Despite facing challenges, such as her current status as a DACA recipient, Sandra remains steadfast in her mission to uplift her community. She views POCA as not just a platform for professional development but also as a form of resistance against adversity.




Board Members

Stephanie Sierra
Joe Posada
Jasmin Flores
With a background in non-profit and volunteering, plus growing up in the Oak Cliff community. Stephanie utilizes her skills to foster relationships. Additionally, she contributes expertise to volunteer experiences enhancing our organization's impact, particularly in outreach where she plays a pivotal role in expanding our reach and promoting our mission.
With a background in public leadership and having grown up in Oak Cliff, Joe leverages his experiences to build strong relationships with our key investors and partners. His work in higher education adds valuable insight to our initiatives. Additionally, Joe's passion for serving non-profits brings a wealth of experience to support our compliance efforts, ensuring that we operate ethically and effectively in fulfilling our mission.
With a background in peace studies, politics, and business management, Jasmin plays a crucial role in supporting the overall operational success of our mission at the non-profit. Her passion for organizing the community and advocacy is pivotal in aiding immigrants to succeed in this country, irrespective of their status. Additionally, Jasmin contributes significantly to our marketing materials, enhancing our outreach efforts and amplifying our impact within the community.